Security Alarm System

We have a new "remotely monitored" Security Alarm system in place now. All church members who need access to the building will be given a unique code for activating/de-activating the system.

A special training meeting will be held immediately after Potluck today in the Fireside room, to go over how this system works, and discuss how to arm and un-arm the various systems on the campus.

All buildings now have security you will need your code to be able to enter or lock up without activating alarms.

Please plan to meet in the Fireside room at 1pm sharp for a quick 15 minute review of the system, confirmation of alarm codes, and to get your questions answered.

Patrol Service

We have an agreement with Copper Eagle Security Service to be "on call" whenever activation of the security alarm system occurs. They will dispatch a patrol car out to review the situation and advise either the contact persons (Paul Cardey, Brian Lovell or Greg Hoenes) and/or the Santa Clarita Sheriffs station.

Fire Alarm System

We currently have new smoke detectors installed in ALL buildings on the campus, and these are monitored remotely 24/7.  In the event of smoke detector activation, a signal will be recognized by the monitoring service. They will then dispatch the fire department AND call the people on the notification list (currently that's Paul Cardey, Brian Lovell, and Greg Hoenes.)