Santa Clarita SDA Church Weekly Message

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Date Title Presenter
2019-12-14 Choose Joy Mike Stevenson Play
2019-12-14 Children’s Program The Nativity Story Play
2019-12-07 Glory to God Dr. Israel Olaore Play
2019-12-07 Glendale Adventist Academy Chorale Christmas Concert Play
2019-11-30 Enigma of Esther Richard and Annika Guy Play
2019-11-23 Pilgrim III Mike Stevenson Play
2019-11-16 Pilgrim II Mike Stevenson Play
2019-11-09 Pilgrim I Mike Stevenson Play
2019-11-02 Your Money is Your Life Mike Stevenson Play
2019-10-26 Are We Like Sheep? Mike Stevenson Play
2019-10-19 David, An Ancient Invention or Not? Abelardo Rivas Play
2019-10-19 A Scandalous Request! Thomas Versus Jesus Abelardo Rivas Play
2019-10-18 The Old Testament and Archaeology - Can We Really Believe In It? Abelardo Rivas Play
2019-10-12 Grace or Power Allen Reinach Play
2019-10-05 No Temptation, Deliver Us from Evil Mike Stevenson Play
2019-09-28 Forgiveness, Debts, and Debtors Mike Stevenson Play
2019-09-21 Give us our Daily Bread Mike Stevenson Play
2019-09-14 Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done Mike Stevenson Play
2019-09-07 Our Father Which Art in Heaven Mike Stevenson Play
2019-08-31 The Father of the Lion Jan White Play
2019-08-25 Success, Blessings and Intentions Mike Stevenson Play
2019-08-17 Hope is an Anchor Milton Hinkle Play
2019-08-10 Our Intensions Towards God Mike Stevenson Play
2019-08-03 God’s Intentions Mike Stevenson Play
2019-07-27 Dependence on God Samuel Lewis Play
2019-07-20 VBS Spotlight Play
2019-07-13 Remember Mike Stevenson Play
2019-07-06 Peter Thornburg Memorial Play
2019-07-06 Hope Grace Peace Mike Stevenson Play
2019-06-29 No Ordinary Times Greg Hoenes Play
2019-06-22 Day 7 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-06-15 Day 6 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-06-08 Day 5 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-06-04 Day 4 Mike Stevenson & Annika Guy Play
2019-05-25 Day 3 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-05-18 Day 2 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-05-11 A Mother's Prayer Mike Stevenson Play
2019-05-04 Treating People Well - Conciliation Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2019-04-27 Jesus out of Focus, Road to Emmaus Mike Stevenson Play
2019-04-20 Children's Program and Homily Mike Stevenson Play
2019-04-13 Sower and Seed Mike Stevenson & Samuel Lewis Play
2019-04-06 April Fool 2 Mike Stevenson Play
2019-03-30 Abide in Me Milton Hinkle Play
2019-03-23 Singing Elders DanaRae Datar & Mike Stevenson Play
2019-03-16 Tree 2 Tree of Life Mike Stevenson Play
2019-03-09 Tree 1 Good and Evil Mike Stevenson Play
2019-03-02 Sharing of the Word Linda Scotto Play
2019-02-23 God Cares Mike Stevenson Play
2019-02-16 God Will Mike Stevenson Play
2019-02-09 God Wishes Mike Stevenson Play
2019-02-02 God Feels Mike Stevenson Play
2019-01-26 God Knows Mike Stevenson Play
2019-01-19 Matters of the Heart Orville Ortiz Play
2019-01-12 A New Year’s Prayer Mike Stevenson Play
2019-01-05 My New Covenant Mike Stevenson Play
2018-12-29 Jesus' Resolutions Mike Stevenson Play
2018-12-22 Love Came Down Mike Stevenson Play
2018-12-15 Rejoice! It's Advent Mike Stevenson Play
2018-12-08 The Path of Peace Mike Stevenson Play
2018-12-08 The Nativity Story Sabbath School Divisions Play
2018-12-01 Hope Mike Stevenson Play
2018-11-24 Potatoes, Turkey, Loaves and Fishes Peter Thornburgh Play
2018-11-17 Baptism and Sermon - Commitment to the Incarnational Life Mike Stevenson Play
2018-11-10 The Intuitive Life Mike Stevenson Play
2018-11-03 Missional Living - A Guide to Incarnational Living 4 - Living out-Inviting In Mike Stevenson Play
2018-10-27 Missional Living - A Guide to Incarnational Living 3 - What is Community? Mike Stevenson Play
2018-10-20 Missional Living - A Guide to Incarnational Living 2 - What is your Gospel? Mike Stevenson Play
2018-10-13 Missional Living - A Guide to Incarnational Living 1 - What is Missional? What is Incarnational? Mike Stevenson Play
2018-10-06 Shaped by God 6 - Loneliness Mike Stevenson Play
2018-09-29 Shaped by God 5 - Prayer Mike Stevenson Play
2018-09-22 Shaped by God 4 - Suffering Mike Stevenson Play
2018-09-15 Shaped by God 3 - The Last Gift Geof Park Play
2018-09-08 Shaped by God 2 - Peril Mike Stevenson Play
2018-09-01 Shaped by God 1 - Divine Guidance Mike Stevenson Play
2018-08-25 God Loves You, Teaches You, and Rebuilds You Mike Stevenson Play
2018-08-18 OT: God Surprises You Mike Stevenson Play
2018-08-11 Lessons from the Old Testament Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2018-08-04 The Wolf and the Lamb Mike Stevenson Play
2018-07-28 He Is, we are, We ARE His Greg Hoenes Play
2018-07-21 Jesus Rescues Me Mike Stevenson Play
2018-07-14 Welcome Home Milton Hinkle Play
2018-07-07 Jesus Holds Us Close Mike Stevenson Play
2018-06-30 Water Sal Gulotta Play
2018-06-23 In the Meantime Mike Stevenson Play
2018-06-16 In My Father’s House Mike Stevenson Play
2018-06-09 Goodness and Mercy Mike Stevenson Play
2018-06-02 Every Good and Perfect Gift Mike Stevenson Play
2018-05-26 What Only the Spirit Can Do Greg Hoenes Play
2018-05-19 The Big Exam Mike Stevenson Play
2018-05-12 Idleness Is Not an Option Mike Stevenson Play
2018-05-05 Today not Tomorrow Mike Stevenson Play
2018-04-28 Because He Loves, I Love Mike Stevenson Play
2018-04-14 Because He Lives, I Live - part 2 Mike Stevenson Play
2018-04-07 Because He Lives, I Live - part 1 Mike Stevenson Play
2018-03-31 Passover Reading Mike Stevenson Play
2018-03-24 Mountain Mike Stevenson Play
2018-03-10 Temple Mike Stevenson Play
2018-03-03 Bread Mike Stevenson Play
2018-02-24 The King and His Servants Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2018-02-17 The Pharisee and The Publican Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2018-02-10 Mustard Seed-Hidden Treasure-Pearl of Great Price Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2018-02-03 Sower-Weeds Mike Stevenson & Jordan Thornburgh Play
2018-01-27 Beatitudes 7, 8 & 9 Mike Stevenson Play
2018-01-20 Beatitudes 5 and 6 Mike Stevenson Play
2018-02-02 Beatitudes 3 and 4 Mike Stevenson Play
2018-02-02 Beatitudes 1 and 2 Mike Stevenson Play
2017-12-30 New New New! Mike Stevenson Play
2017-12-23 Christmas Program Play
2017-12-16 Joy Mike Stevenson Play
2017-12-09 Peace Mike Stevenson Play
2017-12-02 Hope Mike Stevenson Play
2017-11-25 ThanksLiving part 2 Play
2017-11-11 Veterans All Mike Stevenson Play
2017-11-04 When the Lost are Found Mike Stevenson Play
2017-10-28 Creation by Design Mike Stevenson Play
2017-10-21 Signs and Wonders Rockne Dahl Play
2017-10-14 Guardian of the Galaxies Mike Stevenson Play
2017-10-07 Journey to Live, Laugh, Love Mike Stevenson Play
2017-09-30 Forgive Us Our Debts as We Forgive Our Debtors Mike Stevenson Play
2017-09-23 Thy Kingdom Come Mike Stevenson Play
2017-09-16 How to Know the Will of God for your Life Rockne Dahl Play
2017-09-09 Thy Kingdom Come Mike Stevenson Play
2017-09-02 Our Father in Heaven Mike Stevenson Play
2017-08-26 A Holy Nation Mike Stevenson Play
2017-08-19 Be My Witness Mike Stevenson Play
2017-08-12 Still on Schedule Rockne Dahl Play
2017-08-05 Following Jesus in the Last Days - The Pitfalls of Extremism, Egoism, and Nominalism Greg Hoenes Play
2017-07-29 Good News in the Gospels Mike Stevenson Play
2017-07-22 Good News in the Writings of Paul Mike Stevenson Play
2017-07-15 Good News in the Wisdom Books Mike Stevenson Play
2017-07-08 Good News in the Old Testament Prophets Mike Stevenson Play
2017-07-01 Good News in the Pentateuch Mike Stevenson Play
2017-06-24 Surprised to be a Sheep - Surprised to be a Goat Mike Stevenson Play
2017-06-17 Jericho to Bethel to Carmel Mike Stevenson Play
2017-06-10 Salt in the Spring Mike Stevenson Play
2017-06-03 Wits and Wisdom Mike Stevenson Play
2017-05-27 12 Stones from Mid-Jordan Mike Stevenson Play
2017-05-20 Kinsman-Redeemer Firstborn-Saviour Mike Stevenson Play
2017-05-13 Woman, Humanity’s Best Friend Mike Stevenson Play
2017-05-06 Trapped Against the Sea Mike Stevenson Play
2017-04-29 House of Prayer for All Nations Mike Stevenson Play
2017-04-22 The God of Creation Mike Stevenson Play
2017-04-15 Easter Program Play
2017-04-08 Promises Mike Stevenson Play
2017-04-01 Fools for Christ Mike Stevenson Play
2017-03-25 Abiding in the Heart of God Richard Roethler Play
2017-03-18 The Mark of A Beast Rockne Dahl Play
2017-03-11 Magnification Richard Roethler Play
2017-03-04 To Depart and Be with Christ Rockne Dahl Play
2017-02-25 David’s Story: Heart Matters Richard Roethler Play
2017-02-18 Judge with Righteous Judgment Rockne Dahl Play
2017-02-11 God’s Message in Three Psalms Mike Stevenson Play
2017-02-04 Is Christ Still Our Present Hope? Greg Hoenes Play
2017-01-28 Unlimited Rick Roethler Play
2017-01-14 The New Is Here Richard Roethler Play
2017-01-07 At Times The Bible Makes Us Uncomfortable Geof Park Play
2016-12-31 The December Song Jason Whitley Play
2016-12-24 Where is Jesus? Richard Roethler Play
2016-12-17 Joyful Living Richard Roethler Play
2016-12-10 The Gift Richard Roethler Play
2016-11-26 Come, Let Us Go Up Richard Roethler Play
2016-11-19 Thanksgiving Richard Roethler Play
2016-11-12 The Cost of Freedom Richard Roethler Play
2016-11-05 The Race Richard Roethler Play
2016-10-29 The Challenge Before Us Greg Hoenes Play
2016-10-22 The Promise Richard Roethler Play
2016-10-15 Impossible Richard Roethler Play
2016-10-08 Back Where We Belong Peter Thornburgh Play
2016-10-01 Anchors Richard Roethler Play
2016-09-24 Messengers Richard Roethler Play
2016-09-17 Character 101: Principle vs. Prejudice - God’s View Rick Roethler Play
2016-09-10 Us vs. Them Richard Roethler Play
2016-09-03 The Gospel in One Word Richard Roethler Play
2016-08-27 Commitment and Courage Richard Roethler Play
2016-08-20 Words of Life Richard Roethler Play
2016-08-13 Your Future Is Safe With Me Donovan Childs Play
2016-08-06 Oneness Richard Roethler Play
2016-07-30 The Stillness Peter Thornburgh Play
2016-07-23 Jesus, Our Highest Priority Mitch Williams Play
2016-07-09 Rock Bottom Frank Haynes Play
2016-07-02 A Look at Liberty’s Lineage Eric Thornburgh & Richard Guy Play
2016-06-25 Searching for Diamonds Richard Roethler Play
2016-06-18 A Father’s Love Richard Roethler Play
2016-06-11 In the Name of Jesus Richard Roethler Play
2016-06-04 Five Keys to Personal Growth Richard Roethler Play
2016-05-28 Creating Powerful Memorials Richard Roethler Play
2016-05-21 Pentecost Richard Roethler Play
2016-05-14 What Is Your Value? Geof Park Play
2016-05-07 Why We Might Consider Glory Greg Hoenes Play
2016-04-30 Friends of the Family Richard Roethler Play
2016-04-23 What Does Love Mean? Richard Roethler Play
2016-04-16 Family Matters Richard Roethler Play
2016-04-09 The Prodigal Family Richard Roethler Play
2016-04-02 Four Amazing Stones Richard Roethler Play
2016-03-26 It Is Finished Richard Roethler Play
2016-03-19 Love One Another Richard Roethler Play
2016-03-12 We Would See Jesus Richard Roethler Play
2016-03-05 Where is He? Richard Roethler Play
2016-02-27 Who Cares? Richard Roethler Play
2016-02-20 Audacious Love: Unlocking the Mystery Richard Roethler Play
2016-02-13 Audacious Love Richard Roethler Play
2016-02-06 Out of Darkness into His Marvelous Light Richard Roethler Play
2016-01-30 When Will You Believe and Trust? Richard Roethler Play
2016-01-23 Purpose, Time and Life Richard Roethler Play
2016-01-16 The Dream Richard Roethler Play
2016-01-09 The Fruit of Repentance Frank Haynes Play
2016-01-02 A Fresh Start? Jason Whitley Play
2015-12-26 This Changes Everything Richard Roethler Play
2015-12-19 God’s Greatest Gift: Jesus Richard Roethler Play
2015-12-12 The Three Joys Richard Roethler Play
2015-12-05 Prince Of Peace Richard Roethler Play
2015-11-28 HOPE Richard Roethler Play
2015-11-21 Heart Matters: Give Thanks to God Richard Roethler Play
2015-11-14 Heart Matters 'The Joy of Thanksgiving' Richard Roethler Play
2015-11-07 Heart Matters 'Expressions' Richard Roethler Play
2015-10-31 Heart Matters 'Gratitude' Richard Roethler Play
2015-10-25 Finding Hope Richard Roethler Play
2015-10-17 Are We Binding or Loosening? Frank Haynes Play
2015-10-10 Experiencing Life and Spirit Richard Roethler Play
2015-10-03 Ordinary and Sacred Richard Roethler Play
2015-09-26 This Generation ... Chosen, Called, Choices Richard Roethler Play
2015-09-18 Follow Me...Come See Richard Roethler Play
2015-09-11 In the Beginning Richard Roethler Play
2015-09-04 Redemption Jesus... All... Richard Roethler Play
2015-08-28 Called to Be a Holy Pest William Sellers Play
2015-08-21 When Christ Returns - Am I a Sheep or a Goat? Geoffrey Park Play
2015-08-14 Epilogue: Mark and the Apocalypse Greg Hoenes Play
2015-08-07 Joy in Forgiveness Jan White Play
2015-07-31 Getting the Best of Your Anger Ed Sammons Play
2015-07-24 Jesus, The Great Prophet - Part 2 - Betrayal, Boasting and Bravado Greg Hoenes Play
2015-07-10 Fragile: Handle with Strength Peter Thornburgh Play
2015-07-03 Jesus, Son of David - What Belongs to the King? Greg Hoenes Play
2015-06-26 Framing God: The Blind Man Sees Greg Hoenes Play
2015-06-19 Jesus the Messiah part 2 - What Emerges from Your Mouth? Greg Hoenes Play
2015-06-12 Jesus, The Great Prophet: No Faith? - Just Believe - Prophet and Proteges Greg Hoenes Play
2015-06-05 Jesus, The Great Teacher In a Nutshell Greg Hoenes Play
2015-05-29 The Worth of a Witness Greg Hoenes Play
2015-05-22 The Spiritual Truth About Life and Death Greg Hoenes Play
2015-05-15 Recognizing God Milton Hinkle and Peter Thornburgh Play
2015-05-08 This Changes Everything Greg Hoenes Play
2015-05-01 So Good To Me Greg Hoenes Play
2015-04-24 Coming to Terms Greg Hoenes Play
2015-04-17 Living in the Light of the Resurrection, Part II Greg Hoenes Play
2015-04-10 Living in the Light of the Resurrection Greg Hoenes Play
2015-04-03 When the Light Has Gone Out from Your World Greg Hoenes Play
2015-03-27 Beware the Cheering Crowd Greg Hoenes Play
2015-03-20 Precious Gifts Geof Park Play
2015-03-13 Sin, Suffering, Healing and Hope Greg Hoenes Play
2015-03-06 Contemporary Culture and the Challenge of Confession Greg Hoenes Play
2015-02-27 Enduring Purpose Richard Roethler Play
2015-02-20 Times of Testing Greg Hoenes Play
2015-02-13 When You’ve Found The One! Greg Hoenes Play
2015-02-06 Jesus: The Definitive Revelation & Inevitable Revolution Greg Hoenes Play
2015-01-30 Emancipation Greg Hoenes Play
2015-01-23 True Fortune Greg Hoenes Play
2015-01-16 Times of Shaking Greg Hoenes Play
2015-01-09 A Better Version of Ourselves Greg Hoenes Play
2015-01-02 Magi and Angels: Prophecy and Warnings Greg Hoenes Play
2014-12-26 Glimpsing Salvation Greg Hoenes Play
2014-12-19 John the Baptist’s Song Greg Hoenes Play
2014-12-12 The Tender Mercies of Our God Greg Hoenes Play
2014-12-05 Mary, Disciple of Jesus Greg Hoenes Play
2014-11-28 Reclaiming the Idea of the Harvest Greg Hoenes Play
2014-11-21 Songs of Thanksgiving Greg Hoenes Play
2014-11-14 Veterans of Spiritual Wars Greg Hoenes Play
2014-11-07 Admiration and Emulation Greg Hoenes Play
2014-10-31 Creation: In the Beginning, Now & Forever Greg Hoenes Play
2014-10-24 I am willing to be… Milton Hinkle Play
2014-10-17 Reasonable Faith 6: The Power of Symbols Greg Hoenes Play
2014-10-10 Be of Good Cheer Grant Agadjanian Play
2014-10-03 Reasonable Faith 5: The Politics of Fear, Apocalypticism, and the Problem of Relevance Greg Hoenes Play
2014-09-26 Reasonable Faith 4: The Problem of Inspiration Greg Hoenes Play
2014-09-19 Reasonable Faith 3: Reading the Bible Greg Hoenes Play
2014-09-12 Reasonable Faith 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2014-09-05 Reasonable Faith 1 Greg Hoenes Play
2014-08-29 Family Greg Hoenes Play
2014-08-22 Home Greg Hoenes Play
2014-08-15 A Day To Look Forward To Geof Park Play
2014-08-08 Chosen Greg Hoenes Play
2014-08-01 Precious Treasures Pamela Forbes Play
2014-07-25 Camp Meeting 3 Play
2014-07-18 Camp Meeting 2 Play
2014-07-11 Camp Meeting 1 Play
2014-07-04 Freedom Richard Guy Play
2014-06-27 Lessons I Learned At VBS Greg Hoenes Play
2014-06-20 A Tough Go Breaking Through Greg Hoenes Play
2014-06-13 Learning and Leading Greg Hoenes Play
2014-06-06 The Glory In Plain Sight Greg Hoenes Play
2014-05-30 More Than A Friend, More Than A Brother Greg Hoenes Play
2014-05-23 Faith As Tested and Lived Greg Hoenes Play
2014-05-16 Into Your Hands Greg Hoenes Play
2014-05-09 Faith of Our Mothers Greg Hoenes Play
2014-05-02 In Christ Alone Rick Roethler Play
2014-04-25 Belief Now, and in the Not Yet Greg Hoenes Play
2014-04-18 Why the Resurrection Is KEY to Adventist Christian Faith Greg Hoenes Play
2014-04-11 The Cost-Benefit Calculation Greg Hoenes Play
2014-04-04 The Odd and Evolving Notion of Sacrifice Greg Hoenes Play
2014-03-28 High Drama, High Impact Greg Hoenes Play
2014-03-21 Present Sufferings, Future Glory Greg Hoenes Play
2014-03-14 Active, Present, Imperative Iki Taimi Play
2014-03-07 MBA Impressions Monterey Bay Academy Play
2014-02-28 The Mystery of the Divine Staccato Paul Mikov Play
2014-02-21 Finding Ourselves in the Story Greg Hoenes Play
2014-02-14 Until Our Story is His Story Greg Hoenes Play
2014-02-07 When His Story Becomes Our Story Greg Hoenes Play
2014-01-31 What’s OUR Story? Greg Hoenes Play
2014-01-24 God’s Story, Part 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2014-01-17 God’s Story, Part 1 Greg Hoenes Play
2014-01-10 Just What We Need - Tidings of Comfort and Joy Peter Thornburgh Play
2014-01-03 Is Your Room Clean? What’s for Dinner? Milton Hinkle Play
2013-12-27 The Likely Suspects Steven Mosely Play
2013-12-13 Surprised by Joy Greg Hoenes Play
2013-12-06 Beyond Understanding Greg Hoenes Play
2013-11-29 Habitations of Hope Greg Hoenes Play
2013-11-22 The Dullard Cannot Know Greg Hoenes Play
2013-11-15 The World Upside Down - The New Order of Things - The Return of Trust Greg Hoenes Play
2013-11-08 Not Tiring in Doing Good Greg Hoenes Play
2013-11-01 Our Work Stewardship, Procreation, Justice, Healing & Restoration Greg Hoenes Play
2013-10-25 God's Work - Creation, Redemption, Healing & Restoration Greg Hoenes Play
2013-10-18 The Miracle of Economies that Sustain - Part Deux Greg Hoenes Play
2013-10-11 The Miracle of Economies that Sustain Greg Hoenes Play
2013-10-04 The Essential Polarity Resting in Christ while Running the Race Greg Hoenes Play
2013-09-27 Service At the Foot of the Master Greg Hoenes Play
2013-09-20 Life Rhythms: Work, Recess and Recreation Greg Hoenes Play
2013-09-13 Eternity: It’s About Time Greg Hoenes Play
2013-09-06 Learning- A Studied Life of Truth and Beauty Greg Hoenes Play
2013-08-30 By Any Means Possible . . . That Isn’t Sin! Greg Hoenes Play
2013-08-23 Show and Tell Greg Hoenes Play
2013-08-16 Is Your Gospel Good News? Greg Hoenes Play
2013-08-09 From the Heart Greg Hoenes Play
2013-08-02 You Are the Story Greg Hoenes Play
2013-07-26 Belonging Greg Hoenes Play
2013-07-19 Being God's People - What it Means Greg Hoenes Play
2013-07-12 See Your God with New Eyes Grant Agadjanian Play
2013-07-05 Being God’s People - What it Meant Greg Hoenes Play
2013-06-28 Stand Strong by Faith Jason Whitley Play
2013-06-21 Rise of the Church and The New Economy of Grace Greg Hoenes Play
2013-06-14 Unconventional Grace Linda Tambunan Play
2013-06-14 A Vision Cast Donavan W Childs Play
2013-06-14 A New Hope Tania Acuna Play
2013-06-07 A Song of the Broken Jaylene Chung Play
2013-06-07 A Consuming Fire- A Sufficient Flame Brett Gustafson Play
2013-06-07 Faith & Works Patricia Carrillo Play
2013-05-31 Traces of an Imaged Spirit Greg Hoenes Play
2013-05-24 The Imaged Christ Greg Hoenes Play
2013-05-17 The Imaged God Greg Hoenes Play
2013-05-10 Embodying Love Greg Hoenes Play
2013-05-03 Where Is ‘Center’ for You Greg Hoenes Play
2013-04-26 Saul the Apostle Frank Haynes Play
2013-04-19 Saul the Pharisee Frank Haynes Play
2013-04-12 The Happy Church Mitch Williams Play
2013-04-05 Getting to Know You Mitch Williams Play
2013-03-29 Scars on the Rock Geoffrey Park Play
2013-03-22 Triumphal Entry 1 and 2 Frank Haynes Play
2013-03-15 Listening Mitch Williams Play
2013-03-08 A Word with God Mitch Williams Play
2013-03-01 Answered Prayers Mitch Williams Play
2013-02-22 Want Faith? Mitch Williams Play
2013-02-15 The Most Difficult Commandment Frank Haynes Play
2013-02-08 Present Truth Always Applies to the Present Times Frank Haynes Play
2013-02-01 Want to Walk on the Water Mitch Williams Play
2013-01-25 Blessings, Curses, and The Power of Words Greg Hoenes Play
2013-01-18 Heavy Feet, Dirty Hands & Joyful Hearts Nenad Didara Play
2013-01-04 Can Anything Ever Really Be New? Greg Hoenes Play
2012-12-28 Respect the Fruit Cake William Sellers Play
2012-12-21 The Best Present of All Jason Whitley Play
2012-12-14 Beautiful Feet Greg Hoenes Play
2012-12-07 Making His Paths Straight Greg Hoenes Play
2012-11-30 Why Is He Making Me Wait? Greg Hoenes Play
2012-11-23 Lest We Forget... Greg Hoenes Play
2012-11-16 Upper Room, Final Chapter Greg Hoenes Play
2012-11-09 Upper Room Part 4 Greg Hoenes Play
2012-11-02 Upper Room- Finding Truth in a Bigger Picture Greg Hoenes Play
2012-10-26 Where We Live - Communities of Love Greg Hoenes Play
2012-10-19 Upper Room, Part 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2012-10-12 Hope for Humanity Maitland DiPinto Play
2012-10-12 The Wrestlers Ray Tetz Play
2012-10-05 Upper Room Part 1 Greg Hoenes Play
2012-09-28 Most Solemn Joy Greg Hoenes Play
2012-09-21 How and Why We Struggle Greg Hoenes Play
2012-09-14 Jesus Rick Roethler Play
2012-09-07 Influences - Planting a Seed Linda Scotto Play
2012-08-31 Continuing Education Greg Hoenes Play
2012-08-24 Course Corrections Greg Hoenes Play
2012-08-17 Taking Your Place in the Picture Greg Hoenes Play
2012-08-10 Called Out of Darkness Into Light Nico Hill Play
2012-08-03 Freedom Inherent in Blessing & Being Blessed Greg Hoenes Play
2012-07-27 Keeping the Good Stuff - Body and Soul Greg Hoenes Play
2012-07-20 Keeping the Good Stuff - Old Standards I Wish We Kept Today Greg Hoenes Play
2012-07-13 Strength Without Wisdom Greg Hoenes Play
2012-07-06 Freedom in Negative and Positive Terms Greg Hoenes Play
2012-06-29 Freedom in Christ Greg Hoenes Play
2012-06-22 The Task Greg Hoenes Play
2012-06-15 For Fathers and Their Children Greg Hoenes Play
2012-06-08 The Real Gift that Keeps on Giving Greg Hoenes Play
2012-06-01 I never knew you Frank Haynes Play
2012-05-25 Quickening Greg Hoenes Play
2012-05-18 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow Milton Hinkle Play
2012-05-11 Graces Human and Divine Greg Hoenes Play
2012-05-04 Unless Someone Guides Me Greg Hoenes Play
2012-04-27 From None to One Rick Roethler Play
2012-04-13 Life After... Greg Hoenes Play
2012-04-06 Taking It In Deeply Greg Hoenes Play
2012-03-30 The Package Deal Greg Hoenes Play
2012-03-23 Planting Time Peter Thornburgh Play
2012-03-16 Up Greg Hoenes Play
2012-03-09 Have Mercy Greg Hoenes Play
2012-03-02 Drawn In Greg Hoenes Play
2012-02-24 Mindful Concerning Greg Hoenes Play
2012-02-17 Towards - Another Useful Preposition Greg Hoenes Play
2012-02-10 Through - A Useful Preposition Greg Hoenes Play
2012-02-03 Dramatic Reading 'Job' Pathfinders Play
2012-02-03 What are you doing here? Iki Taimi Play
2012-01-28 Hospitality Greg Hoenes Play
2012-01-20 A Progressive Revelation Greg Hoenes Play
2012-01-13 Made Plain Greg Hoenes Play
2012-01-06 The Witness from Without Greg Hoenes Play
2011-12-30 Attitudes in Witnessing Paul Lippi Play
2011-12-23 Receive Greg Hoenes Play
2011-12-16 Wait Greg Hoenes Play
2011-12-09 The Value of the Journey Geof Park Play
2011-12-02 Praise Greg Hoenes Play
2011-11-25 And Be Thankful Greg Hoenes Play
2011-11-18 Gratitude, an Agent of Healing and Renewal Greg Hoenes Play
2011-11-11 Seasonal Signs - Theme:Signs Greg Hoenes Play
2011-11-04 Not About Fear - Theme:Signs Greg Hoenes Play
2011-10-28 Crash Test - Theme:Signs Greg Hoenes Play
2011-10-21 The Great Miscalculation Greg Hoenes Play
2011-10-14 In His Image, or In Ours? Geof Park Play
2011-10-07 True Mercy Greg Hoenes Play
2011-09-30 Though I Am Weak Greg Hoenes Play
2011-09-16 Through the Waters Greg Hoenes Play
2011-09-09 The Imperative of Justice Greg Hoenes Play
2011-09-02 Children's Bread Gerald Play
2011-09-02 Morning Program Gerald Play
2011-09-02 Afternoon Program Gerald Play
2011-08-26 The Defense Never Rests Greg Hoenes Play
2011-08-19 To Lift You Up Greg Hoenes Play
2011-08-12 The Lions Mouth was Shut Through Trust and Faith Jason Whitley Play
2011-08-05 Our Protector Greg Hoenes Play
2011-07-29 First Things First Greg Hoenes Play
2011-07-22 God will not forsake us Greg Hoenes Play
2011-07-15 When God Promises Greg Hoenes Play
2011-07-08 Common Is Not a Bad Word Greg Hoenes Play
2011-07-01 What Must I Do to Be Free? Greg Hoenes Play
2011-06-24 Taught By God Greg Hoenes Play
2011-06-17 In His Image, or In Ours? Greg Hoenes Play
2011-06-10 Now Empowered Greg Hoenes Play
2011-06-03 The Overflow of Resurrection Life Greg Hoenes Play
2011-05-27 Experiencing God as Resurrection Life Greg Hoenes Play
2011-05-20 Learning to Fly in the Nest Todd Rosspencer Play
2011-05-13 Jars of Clay Greg Hoenes Play
2011-05-06 Does He Still Appear? Greg Hoenes Play
2011-04-29 New Life In Christ Liz Dolwig Play
2011-04-22 Coming to Life Greg Hoenes Play
2011-04-15 Still Not Believing Greg Hoenes Play
2011-04-08 Hidden in Plain Sight Greg Hoenes Play
2011-04-01 Save Us, O King Frank Haynes Play
2011-03-25 When Your Best Friends Fall Asleep Geof Park Play
2011-03-18 The Passover is Coming Geof Park Play
2011-03-11 What Does Lent Have to do with Adventism Greg Hoenes Play
2011-01-28 F is for Family Greg Hoenes Play
2011-02-04 A is for Acceptance Greg Hoenes Play
2011-02-11 M is for Miracle Greg Hoenes Play
2011-02-18 I is for Integrity Greg Hoenes Play
2011-02-25 L is for Love Greg Hoenes Play
2011-03-04 Y is for Yes Greg Hoenes Play
2011-01-21 Lost, What I’m Lost? Thom Harder Play
2011-01-14 Keepers of the Vision Greg Hoenes Play
2011-01-07 The Year Ahead Greg Hoenes Play
2010-12-31 A Few Good Bulbs Peter Thornburgh and Milton Hinkle Play
2010-12-24 2010 Christmas program Combined Music & Message Play
2010-12-17 Peace Greg Hoenes Play
2010-12-10 Joy Ben Garcia Play
2010-12-03 The Way Before Us Greg Hoenes Play
2010-11-26 How Worship, Praise, & Thanksgiving Yield Hope Greg Hoenes Play
2010-11-19 Why Thanksgiving and Praise Greg Hoenes Play
2010-11-12 You Welcomed Me Greg Hoenes Play
2010-11-05 The All-Important Harvest Greg Hoenes Play
2010-10-29 Grafting in New Branches Geof Park Play
2010-10-22 Rain Makers Greg Hoenes Play
2010-10-15 Bible 101- Soil, Toils, and Seeding Greg Hoenes Play
2010-10-01 Bible 101 Ruth and the Kinsman Redeemer Greg Hoenes Play
2010-09-24 Fighting the Good Fight Ray Beeson Play
2010-09-17 Bible 101: Trumpets and Shofar Greg Hoenes Play
2010-09-10 Lessons Quickly Lost Greg Hoenes Play
2010-09-03 Taking Hold of the Promise Greg Hoenes Play
2010-08-27 Living in Deliverance Greg Hoenes Play
2010-08-20 When Moses Sang Greg Hoene Play
2010-08-13 The Late, Great Jesus Christ Peter Thornburgh Play
2010-08-06 Bible 101 Faith and Deliverance - The Story of Joseph Pt. 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2010-07-23 Bible 101: Covenant Stories "The God of Promises" Greg Hoenes Play
2010-07-16 Where the Grass Is Really Greener Tim Garrison Play
2010-07-09 Bible 101 - The Bible As One Story Greg Hoenes Play
2010-07-02 Free B's Greg Hoenes Play
2010-06-25 Make_a_Difference Rick Roethler Play
2010-06-18 Homily 1 Luke Thornburgh Play
2010-06-18 Homily 2 Danica Cardey Play
2010-06-18 Prayer of Celebration Youth Leaders Play
2010-06-04 Kicking & Screaming Greg Hoenes Play
2010-05-28 A Living Memorial Greg Hoenes Play
2010-05-21 Forsaken Not Greg Hoenes Play
2010-05-14 Full Circle Greg Hoenes Play
2010-05-07 The Nature of Nurture Greg Hoenes Play
2010-04-30 There’s Still Manna on the Ground Greg Hoenes Play
2010-04-23 The Cleaning & Care of Our Temple Denise Kasischke Play
2010-04-16 Attitude Greg Hoenes Play
2010-04-09 Focus Greg Hoenes Play
2010-04-02 A Sabbath’s Rest Greg Hoenes Play
2010-02-26 Lowering the Bar Greg Hoenes Play
2010-02-19 Father, Forgive Them Greg Hoenes Play
2010-02-12 A Good Step Backward Gerald Babnezhad Play
2010-02-05 Lord of the Sabbath Greg Hoenes Play
2010-01-22 In Your Hearing Greg Hoenes Play
2010-01-15 Who Did Jesus Come to Save Greg Hoenes Play
2010-01-08 Identity Exposed Greg Hoenes Play
2009-12-25 Two Turtledoves Greg Hoenes Play
2009-11-27 From Among My People Greg Hoenes Play
2009-11-20 And Be Thankful Greg Hoenes Play
2009-11-13 No More Weepin and a Whalin Greg Hoenes Play
2009-11-06 The Ideal Health Plan p2 Greg Hoenes Play
2009-10-30 The Ideal Health Plan Greg Hoenes Play
2009-10-23 Layers Greg Hoenes Play
2009-10-16 How God Helps Us When We’re Helpless Tim Garrison Play
2009-10-09 City of God (Zion, Jerusalem) Greg Hoenes Play
2009-10-02 Ministry in the Land of ‘The Savior Greg Hoenes Play
2009-09-25 Days of Awe - Reconciliation and Healing Greg Hoenes Play
2009-09-18 Days of Awe A New Beginning Greg Hoenes Play
2009-09-11 Excellence & Witness Greg Hoenes Play
2009-09-04 Courage, Connection, & Conviction Greg Hoenes Play
2009-08-28 Lessons from Calgary Greg Hoenes Play
2009-08-21 Intention and Intentionality Greg Hoenes Play
2009-08-14 Great is Your ... Rick Roethler Play
2009-08-07 Cash for Clunkers Greg Hoenes Play
2009-07-31 When Your Work Doesn't Work Tim Garrison Play
2009-07-24 Skit - Have You Seen God Diane, Amanda, and JP Play
2009-07-24 Outreach Interviews - Have You Seen God? Youth Presentation Play
2009-07-24 Have You Seen God? Jordan Play
2009-07-17 Putting the Test in Testimony Peter Thornburgh Play
2009-07-10 Trivial Pursuits Glen Baker Play
2009-07-03 Things Left Behind Milton Hinkle Play
2009-06-26 Committed to Sharing Greg Hoenes Play
2009-06-19 Advice Our Fathers Gave Us Greg Hoenes Play
2009-06-12 Symbols That Define Us Greg Hoenes Play
2009-06-05 Who is Your Guest? Gerald Babanezhad Play
2009-05-29 Staying Strong & Finishing Well 1 Ray Beeson Play
2009-05-29 Staying Strong & Finishing Well 2 Ray Beeson Play
2009-05-29 Staying Strong & Finishing Well 3 Ray Beeson Play
2009-05-22 The Challenge of Remembering Greg Hoenes Play
2009-05-15 When God Forgets Ed Sammons Play
2009-05-09 Advice Our Mothers Gave Us Greg Hoenes Play
2009-05-01 Glory, Power & Authority Greg Hoenes Play
2009-04-24 Beyond Resurrection Greg Hoenes Play
2009-04-17 Servant of God and Friend to Man Mark Holm Play
2009-04-10 The Sign of Jonah Greg Hoenes Play
2009-04-03 When the Ancient Star Song Wins Debbie Hittle Play
2009-03-27 Stories of Survival in Tough Times Greg Hoenes Play
2009-03-13 Staying Married Greg Hoenes Play
2009-03-20 Full of It: A Trialogue Bunny, Eric, & Peter Thornburgh Play
2009-03-06 Mary's Marvelous Gift Jeff Wilson Play
2009-01-02 Living With Hope - Getting Ready for 2009 Tim Garrison Play
2009-02-06 Hold ‘em or Fold ‘em, The Earth is the Lord’s Greg Hoenes Play
2009-01-23 Empowered Purpose Greg Hoenes Play
2009-01-30 Defined by God Greg Hoenes Play
2009-01-16 The Dream Lives On Greg Hoenes Play
2009-01-09 Common Senses Greg Hoenes Play
2008-12-19 The Measure of Love Greg Hoenes Play
2008-12-12 Joy That Endures Greg Hoenes Play
2009-02-13 The Matter of Trust Greg Hoenes Play
2009-02-20 Solitude & Multitude, Family & Community, Part 1 Greg Hoenes Play
2009-02-27 Solitude & Multitude, Family & Community, Part 2 Greg_Hoenes Play
2008-12-05 The Greatest Gift of All Geof Parks Play
2008-11-14 The Constancy of Change & the Consistency of God Greg Hoenes Play
2008-11-07 Enduring Hardship Greg Hoenes Play
2008-10-31 Holding Back the Winds of Strife Greg Hoenes Play
2008-10-24 God of All Comfort: When Our Hearts Fail Us for Fear Greg Hoenes Play
2008-10-17 Witness: The Power of Our Personal Stories Greg Hoenes Play
2008-10-10 The Financial Crisis and the Worry-Free Economics of God Greg Hoenes Play
2008-12-26 Giving & Forgiving Greg Hoenes Play
2008-09-05 The Authority of Scripture & The Demands of Moral Agency, pt. 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2008-09-12 The Authority of Scripture & The Demands of Moral Agency, pt. 3 Greg Hoenes Play
2008-09-19 Communion Extended Greg Hoenes Play
2008-10-03 Kingdom Economics and the Wonderful Grace of God Greg Hoenes Play
2008-09-26 Sketching an Adventist for Global Community Maury Jackson Play
2008-08-29 The Authority of Scripture & The Demands of Moral Agency Greg Hoenes Play
2008-08-22 How to Persevere: Tools That Build Endurance Greg Hoenes Play
2008-08-01 The Church as Inheritor Greg Hoenes Play
2008-07-25 The Church as Remnant, Con’t Greg Hoenes Play
2008-08-08 The Church and the Reign of God Greg Hoenes Play
2008-08-15 Working Through the Pain Greg Hoenes Play
2008-06-27 Life Oriented and Information Oriented Teaching Milton Hinkle Play
2008-07-04 Ruth: Character at the Crossroads Pastor Garrison Play
2008-07-11 The Church: Events That Mark a Life, pt. 3 Greg Hoenes Play
2008-07-18 The Church as Remnant Greg Hoenes Play
2008-05-30 The Church: Orthodoxy, Heterodoxy & Heresy Greg Hoenes Play
2008-06-20 The Church: Events That Mark a Life, pt. 2 Greg Hoenes Play
2008-06-13 The Church: Events That Mark a Life Greg Hoenes Play
2008-05-09 The Prayers of Our Mothers Greg Hoenes Play
2008-05-16 Let Jesus Christ Be Praised Greg Hoenes Play
2008-06-06 The Church: Witness & Proclamation Greg Hoenes Play
2008-05-23 In Memoriam: For God & Country Greg Hoenes Play
2008-03-07 Will the Real Christian America Please Stand Up? (1/3) Alan J. Reinach, Esq. Play
2008-05-02 Prayer, and the Quintessential Battle For the Soul Greg Hoenes Play
2008-02-15 The Bucket List Pastor Jones Play
2008-03-28 Post Resurrection Stories, Part 1 Greg Hoenes Play
2008-03-07 Will the Real Christian America Please Stand Up? (3/3) Alan J. Reinach, Esq. Play
2008-03-07 Will the Real Christian America Please Stand Up? (2/3) Alan J. Reinach, Esq. Play
2008-04-05 Practical Praying, part 5/5 Ray Beeson Play
2008-04-12 Resurrection Stories,The Lazarus Connection Greg Hoenes Play
2008-04-18 Shout Heard ‘Round the World Greg Hoenes Play
2008-01-25 When God Dreams for You Greg Hoenes Play
2008-04-05 Practical Praying, part 3/5 Ray Beeson Play
2008-04-05 Practical Praying, part 4/5 Ray Beeson Play
2008-04-05 Practical Praying, part 2/5 Ray Beeson Play
2008-04-05 Practical Praying, part 1/5 Ray Beeson Play
2008-03-14 I’ve Got G.A.M.E. Elder Manny Vitug Play
2008-03-21 Resurrection as Revelation Greg Hoenes Play
2008-04-05 That I May Know Him Ray Beeson Play
2007-12-14 Healing Sun of Righteous Greg Hoenes Play
2008-02-01 Learning to Hear the Prophetic Voice Greg Hoenes Play
2007-12-28 Of Fruitcake and Turkey Candles Peter Thornburgh Play
2008-01-04 How Do The Justified Live? Greg Hoenes Play
2007-11-09 Thanks Given Greg Hoenes Play
2007-11-16 F-e-c-u-n-d-i-t-y Greg Hoenes Play
2008-01-18 The Promised Solution Elder Labry Play
2007-10-19 The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength Greg Hoenes Play
2007-11-02 Bread Greg Hoenes Play
2007-09-28 So What, Now That You've Let Him In? Greg Hoenes Play
2007-10-05 Just Keep Breathing Greg Hoenes Play
2007-10-12 Remembering, and Other Sacred Doings Greg Hoenes Play
2007-08-31 Hearing the Master's Voice Greg Hoenes Play
2007-09-07 Are We Believers? Greg Hoenes Play
2007-09-14 Journeys, Jobs, and Callings: Moving Towards God's Purposes for Your Life Greg Hoenes Play
2007-08-17 Telling the Story Greg Hoenes Play