Can the Church Recover from Covid?

Read the article by Kris Coffin Stevenson in Adventist Today

We are meeting outdoors on Sabbath at 11am.

We’re excited to see you and look forward to all of us worshiping together.  We will continue to live stream the service for those of you who prefer to watch at a distance, but the whole service will be held outdoors

TIME:  11am start time (sharp).  Plan to be done by 12pm.

SAFETY: Will still be priority ONE.
-We will need every family to sit as a family unit.
-Bring your own lawn chairs or blankets.
-Wear a mask
-Respect social distancing.
-No touching each other please. Sanitizer will be provided.
-No Pets please. Leave ‘em home.

SERVICE: Most elements of the typical morning worship service will be followed, but will also change. Be open minded.

DRESS: Please come casual. We want everyone to be relaxed. Throw on your comfy clothes, bring water and food if you desire.

SABBATH SCHOOL: The Adult Sabbath School will meet via Zoom only and start at 1:30pm.   
Look Forward to seeing everyone at 11am on Sabbath!

Santa Clarita SDA Church Live Stream

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