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  • Pray about some shoppers.
    - Apr 19 2021
  • I ask for prayer for the house I live in.
    - Apr 17 2021
  • I would like prayer for my friend Mona that her and her doctor will work out her pain medication, that God will handle it according to His will be done. So that His name is glorified on earth as it is in Heaven. So that Mona will see that God is the God of Heaven and Earth.
    Laura Brusstar - Apr 08 2021
  • Pray about a job.
    - Apr 05 2021
  • Pray that I be redeemed.
    - Mar 26 2021
  • Pray about my brother.
    - Mar 22 2021
  • I need healing.
    - Mar 03 2021
  • Kingsway Preparatory School in Kenya is a redemption oriented School of excellence. Due to covid 19 impact, we desperately need: 1).New classrooms (For the old ones are in bad shape and we need more space for social distance) 2).Desks and Bunk beds
    Daniel Bett - Feb 16 2021
  • Please pray about a store employee.
    - Feb 16 2021
  • Please pray about a little girl.
    - Feb 06 2021
  • Please pray for a tenant to blessed.
    - Jan 11 2021
  • I ask for prayer to be healed.
    - Jan 11 2021
  • Please pray for my husband's job to be blessed and protected a nd please pray for m t be blessed with work too as we face these very hard times. I also very urgentl pray for a stressful legal issue . I beg fo God's mercy and help upon us with a happy miracle to save us. Please we need prayers.
    Mindy Aki - Jun 01 2012
  • I am out of work for the first time in years. Please help me petition the throne for a job. Thank you and God Bless. I have a family and a lot of bills. Liz UK
    Liz - Apr 02 2012
  • Please pray for Jasper who is in ICU. She was admitted to the hospital monday with shortness of breath and a severe cough. She has been on oxygen since she arrived. The nurse said she was suffering from ARDS. (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) The nurse told me she coughed up some blood but she hadn't done it anymore. When I called to check on her this morning, I was told, Last night they put a bi pak mask on her. Because a friend came to visit her and got emotional which caused her to get upset. That caused her Oxygen level to go down. And she started coughing really bad and spitting up blood. Now, if they remove the oxygen she starts coughing and can't catch her breath. They gave her an Ex-ray this morning and the Dr. says her lungs look better. but, the nurse said, " I'm not going to lie to you, she is a very sick girl." Her breathing is rapid and she can't talk much because it causes her to start coughing really bad. Now she has a high fever because there's an infection. The Dr. is saying they will probably have to intubate her tonight. They are surprised that she's still alive. Normally when people come into the hospital with silicone in their lungs they have pulmonary blood clots. On the cat scan they couldn't find any. I f that was to happen it would be all over. She is having these problems because she paid someone to inject her with industrial silicone. She has industrial silicone in her lungs and blood. The silicone is at the bottom of her lungs and it's suffocating her. Please pray for her healing but pray mostly for her to get her life right with God before its too late. And pray that if she is healed she will not want to or do the same things that got her here in the first place. Also pray for my mother who is sick. Stressful situations causes her health to get really bad. She had a stroke not to long ago and she is not completely out of danger herself. Pray that God will give her the grace that she need to trust him completely and not to worry. Also pray for Jaspers 8 year old daughter Ahshanti. Thank You for your prayers!
    anonymous anonymous - Mar 14 2012
  • Please pray for my sister Jasper who is in ICU. She was admitted to the hospital yesterday with shortness of breath and a severe cough. She can't really move around because when she does it makes her feel very sick. Today she started throwing up blood. The nurse says she is suffering from ARDS. (Acute respiratory distress syndrome) She is having these problems because she did something very foolish. They are running test on her to see what is wrong. They think she has industrial silicon in her lungs and blood. If she gets worse they will have to intubate and sedate her. They think the silicone is suffocating her slowly. Please pray for her healing but pray mostly for her to get her life right with God before its too late. And pray that if she is healed she will not want to or do the same things that got her here in the first place. Also pray for my mother who is sick. I'm afraid to tell her because it might kill her. If I don't tell her and something worse happens to Jasper then I will be blamed for it. And mother may end up in the hospital or worse. Thank You for your prayers.
    Crystal Murray - Mar 13 2012
  • Please pray for me that our loving, merciful heavenly Father will help me find a job to help my family and others who needs help. Thank you for praying for me. God bless you all.
    Percy Ramos - Nov 06 2011
  • pray for my family to turn their lives over to the lord, also.... the lord to help me with anger and frustration with our fiancial problems. we are going to be homeless soon, i do not know what to do. pray for us
    robin - Sep 20 2010
  • I ask that you keep my brother in your prayers. He is fighting to regain and keep his family together. His wife is a non-believer. Please pray that God comes into her heart and that she see's that her sons need a whole family and that she and my brother need to recommit to their vows. I ask that you pray for me as I begin a new job, for my husband who will be taking on even more home responsibilities and for my teen daughters, that they do well in school and that their relationship with Jesus becomes closer. Thank you for your prayers.
    Karla Lund-Montijano - Jul 12 2010
  • Blessings, can you keep alive in your prayers Matt,s 2010 prayer Journals, In Jesus Christ Name Amen!Thanks
    Matt Mcduff - Jun 19 2010
  • Pray for my son's that they will surrender their whole life to JESUS CHRIST and allow JESUS to live in them. I pray for them and the situation seems to be getting worst. I will not let the appearance of things discourage me but I need the prayers of my sister's and brother's therefore I ask you all to please intercede with me on their behalf before it is eternally to late. Thank you,
    - Feb 21 2010
  • I need prayers for my work.I reported my boss on discrimination of my religion.she has threateneed me loss of hour because I do not work on saturdays.please prayer for her and her management to decide what all she should be held accountable for.thank you JR God bless
    jeanette Raymont - Feb 21 2010
  • 1. Pray that my tenant Brad will make contact with me before the week is out with suitable arrangements to pay and do better in the future. 2. For my mom Elaine to get a job in canada before the end of February this year. 3. For my husband to make a total surrender. 4. For my sons Jay and jordy to excel in school that Jay will go to grade 1 when tested.
    sherene Brown - Jan 20 2010
  • I took the teachers board exam last October 4, 2009. i need your earnest prayer that i will pass the exam ,God bless ... please pray for me.thank you,
    Margenith Lago - Nov 08 2009
  • lord my heart is so heavy with akk the pain of the world. I ask for all the prayer that is out their. My son has a drug problem. I am sure he is on them again and we need your prayers to help him. He trys to get away but every so often he is not strong enough. Please pray his name is Randy
    Pam Winkles - Sep 01 2009
  • pls.pray or my mother in law for a fastdevelopment on her sickness - marina bristol. thanks & God bless!
    sherr - Apr 29 2009
  • We have had a severe cut in wages and are having major financial struggle. We need prayer.
    Steven and Jennifer - Apr 10 2009
  • Prayer for a young man who is having seizures and is unresponsive to any stimuli around him. Ct scans show nothing the dr.s say. His mother, father, and grandmother are extremly worried and since they did not admit this young man to the hospital they do not know what to do. He did fall 2 weeks ago and hit the front of his head but felt fine untill this occurred. My dear freind called me his aunt and asked for prayer for him and his parents.I know the power of prayer and beleive more power in people who beleive the same. Thank you and blessings to you all.
    Karen - Sep 23 2008
  • Please pray for a financial blessing. I want to send my chidren to SDA schools this year.
    Joy - Jul 13 2008
  • Pray GOD Blesses me in every area of my life today.
    Phil - May 04 2008