Children's Story

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Date Title Presenter
2015-08-22 Being Ready Paula Play
2015-08-08 God's Missionary Watchman Kathy Play
2015-08-01 Climbing for God - Using our Talents Diane Play
2015-07-11 Good Days and Bad Days Jill Play
2015-06-13 Sophie The Sea Lion Diane Play
2015-05-30 Being a Witness Brian Play
2015-05-09 The Bible through One's Life Matt Play
2015-05-02 Joseph Jill Play
2015-04-25 Encouragement Shanae Play
2015-04-11 The song of Johnny Appleseed Paula Play
2015-04-04 Children's Easter Program Youth Play
2015-03-28 Crucifixion Week Kathie Play
2015-03-21 Adventurer Sabbath Play
2015-03-14 The Largest Cairn Diane Play
2015-03-07 Truthfulness Isaac Play
2015-02-28 Land of No Elbows Sara Play
2015-02-21 Testing Bryan Play
2015-02-07 Love Paula Play
2015-01-31 Cairns and Creator Diane Play
2015-01-24 A Clean Heart Geoffrey Play
2014-12-27 Precious Christmas Gifts Kathie Play
2014-11-01 Creation Story Liz Play
2014-10-11 Fiery Furnace Jo Trumble Play
2014-10-04 Pastor Jason Update Play
2014-08-30 Zachary in Africa Brennan Play
2014-08-23 Listening for God's Voice Sara Play
2014-08-16 Heavens Declare the Glory of God Gene Play
2014-08-09 Dolphins: Shepherds of the Sea Diane Play
2014-06-21 Pixy the Rat Debbie Play
2014-06-07 Psalm 91: God's Protection Paula Play
2014-05-04 Loris Kathie Farrar Play
2014-03-22 Safari Brennan Play
2014-03-22 Interview Brennan Play
2014-03-08 Song of the King MBA Impressions Play
2014-03-01 Rain Greg Play
2014-02-22 Leading at Church Sara Play
2014-02-15 Generosity Danica Play
2014-02-08 Abraham's Children Jill Play
2014-02-01 Sunlight on the Hilltop Diane Play
2014-01-25 Best Friends Kayla Play
2014-01-11 The Same Inside Shanae Play
2014-01-04 Gospel Commission Matt Play
2013-12-28 Christmas Star Danica Play
2013-12-21 Becoming Bright Stars Sara Play
2013-12-14 Joy to the World Jill Play
2013-12-07 Christmas Trees Norman Play
2013-11-30 Dressing Like a King Linda Play
2013-11-23 Little Things Richard Play
2013-11-16 The Ant and The Dove Paula Play
2013-11-09 Forgetting to Listen Sara Play
2013-11-02 Special Bonds Diane Play
2013-10-26 Pumpkins and Ducks Danica Play
2013-10-19 Children in the Bible Paula Play
2013-10-12 Miraculous Sharing Peter Play
2013-10-05 Elephant Seals Julie Play
2013-09-21 Talents Linda Play
2013-09-14 Burden Shanae Play
2013-09-07 Josh, Troy, and the Glorious Day Diane Play
2013-08-31 Close Friends Richard Play
2013-08-24 Creative Talents Danica Play
2013-08-17 Warmly Welcome Sara Play
2013-08-10 Hands Peter Play
2013-08-03 Becoming Trustworthy Greg Hoenes Play
2013-07-27 Parent's Love Lance Play
2013-07-20 Lost at Sea Diane Play
2013-07-13 Faith Matt Play
2013-06-29 VBS Report Linda Play
2013-06-22 VBS Linda Play
2013-06-08 Miracle Fruit Diane Play
2013-06-01 Keys to Faith Shanae Deweber Play
2013-05-11 The Ultimate Save Diane Play
2013-05-20 Magnificent Tame Animals Frank Haynes Play
2013-04-06 Children Save Diane Play
2013-03-30 Price Tag Karen Play
2013-03-23 Giving to Others Trevor Play
2013-03-16 Putting Good Things In Linda Play
2013-03-09 Honor Paula Play
2013-03-02 Shrek the Sheep Diane Play
2013-02-23 No Elbows Shanae Play
2013-02-16 Jesus Valentine Kayla Play
2013-02-09 Value Jo Play
2013-02-02 Cluck Cluck Diane Play
2013-01-26 Saying Thank You Peter Play
2013-01-05 Lazarus Refund Jill and Inga Play
2012-12-29 Candy Cane Denise Play
2012-12-22 Least of My Brothers Youth Skit Play
2012-12-01 Anticipation Linda Play
2012-11-24 Thankful for Painful Lessons David Play
2012-11-03 Harvest Time Camping Diane Play
2012-10-27 Toolbox Shanae Play
2012-10-20 Be Careful Be Safe David Play
2012-10-13 Name for Baby Panda Diane Play
2012-09-29 Symbols Peter Play
2012-09-22 Pathfinder Report Richard Play
2012-09-15 Cracked Water Pot Jo Play
2012-09-01 Ian's Test Diane Play
2012-08-25 A Short Man and a Tree Rebekah Play
2012-08-18 Listing to Parents David Play
2012-08-11 What We Need Roger Play
2012-08-04 Stone Soup Diane Play
2012-07-28 In Our Hearts Peter Play
2012-07-21 Twice Bought Boat Roger Play
2012-07-14 Responsibility David Play
2012-07-07 Life is Like a Mug Diane Play
2012-06-16 Daddy Danica Play
2012-06-09 The Dollhouse David Play
2012-06-02 Who is My Neighbor? Paula Play
2012-05-26 VBS 'Sky' Josh & Breanna Play
2012-05-19 The Wonderful Treasure Diane Play
2012-05-05 Lifeline Roger Play
2012-04-14 Fathers Roger Play
2012-04-09 Bonds are Broken Jo Play
2012-03-31 Impatient Ian David Play
2012-03-24 Prayer on the Dirt Trail Trevor Play
2012-03-17 Scott O'Grady Diane Play
2012-03-03 Helping 3 People Roger Play
2012-02-25 God Loves Surprises Brett Play
2012-02-18 Ugly Duckling Diane Play
2012-02-11 Contact with God David Play
2012-01-30 Better When Broken Peter Play
2012-01-14 Hidden Treasures Richard Play
2012-01-07 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Roger Play
2011-12-31 God Choose You Paula Play
2011-12-17 Giving Presents David Play
2011-12-03 Goats and Quail Diane Play
2011-11-26 Thank You Notes Peter Play
2011-11-12 Veterans Day Roger Play
2011-11-05 Signs of Autumn Linda Play
2011-10-29 Judy and the Dobermans Den Roger Play
2011-10-22 The Woodcutters Wisdom David Play
2011-09-24 Everyone is a One Covenant Players Play
2011-09-24 The Long Hard Walk Covenant Players Play
2011-09-24 Anybody Know the Way Covenant Players Play
2011-09-24 The Search Covenant Players Play
2011-09-10 Selfish Coyote Roger Play
2011-08-27 Ask and the Lord will be there for us Ardith Play
2011-08-20 God's Warnings Diane Play
2011-08-13 God's Perspective Roger Play
2011-07-30 Humility and Forgiveness Ardith Play
2011-07-23 Rafting down the Kern River Josh Play
2011-07-16 Warriors for Freedom Diane Play
2011-07-02 The Hiding Place Roger Play
2011-06-18 Dads in Nature Diane Play
2011-06-11 Oil in Our Lamps Ardith Play
2011-06-04 Billy the Wayward Goat Roger Play
2011-05-28 Wind and Trees David Play
2011-05-14 Eagle's Wings Diane Play
2011-05-07 Tale of Two Voyages Alex Play
2011-04-30 Jesus' Death and Resurrection Ardith Play
2011-04-23 Passion of the Christ Roger Play
2011-04-16 Sylvester the rabbit Diane Play
2011-04-09 Easter Linda Play
2011-04-02 His Triumphal Entry Adventurers Play
2011-03-26 Keeping Commitments Bree Play
2011-03-19 Children of Japan Diane Play
2011-03-05 Jesus Gives Abundantly Debbie Play
2011-02-26 Smile, Jesus Loves You Melody Play
2011-02-12 Jesus Loves Me Alex Play
2011-02-05 Listening to the wrong people Roger Play
2011-01-29 Am I My Brother's Keeper? Richard Play
2011-01-22 Dream Peter Play
2011-01-15 A Life of Service Debbie Play
2011-01-08 Concrete Reminder Diane Play
2010-12-04 Patience Roger Play
2010-11-27 The Hope Box Peter Play
2010-11-13 Lost on the Mountain Diane Play
2010-11-06 A Song That Saved a Life Roger Play
2010-10-30 Fall Colors Eric Play
2010-10-23 Tabernacles and Thanksgiving Diane Play
2010-10-16 Dedicated to the Lord Melody Play
2010-09-25 Waves Breanna & Amanda Play
2010-09-11 Deborah Debbie Play
2010-09-04 Kamkins Choice Diane Play
2010-08-28 Rules for Hiking Jason Play
2010-08-21 The Cornerstone Roger Play
2010-08-14 Answered Prayer Debbie Play
2010-08-07 A Scary Place Diane Play
2010-07-31 I Serve the Lord Adventures Play
2010-07-24 Strong Fingers Peter Play
2010-07-17 Windy the Sheep Diane Play
2010-07-10 Watch your Lips Ardith Play
2010-07-03 The Light That Shines through Us Greg Play
2010-06-19 Taking Care of Dad Trevor Play
2010-06-05 Buddy and the Fire Diane Play
2010-05-29 Remembering Memorials Kristian Play
2010-05-22 Waiting Fathers Amanda and Breanne Play
2010-05-15 Moses's Arms Terry Play
2010-05-08 A Mother's Hands Roger Play
2010-05-01 Trapped Duck Diane Play
2010-04-24 Making Good Choices Adventurers Play
2010-04-17 3 Blessings Peter Play
2010-04-10 The Story of Easter Denise K Play
2010-04-03 Grasshoppers Roger Play
2010-03-13 The Most Dangerous Body Part Kristian Play
2010-02-20 Making Friends From Enemies Roger Play
2010-02-13 The First Love Denise K Play
2010-02-06 Inside and Outside Diane Play
2010-01-23 Horses in the Bible Eileen Play
2010-01-09 The Wise Woman of Christmas Denise K Play
2009-12-26 Sustainng Light Roger Play
2009-11-21 The Meaning of Thanksgiving Adventurers Play
2009-11-14 The Eagle That Thought He Was a Chicken Roger Play
2009-11-07 Engraved on God's Hands Milton Play
2009-10-31 Out at Sea Norman Play
2009-10-24 Toppling Trees Peter Play
2009-10-17 Noah and the Bunnies Diane Play
2009-10-03 The Hermit Kristian Play
2009-09-26 Happy Mirth Day Peter Play
2009-09-12 Oshkosh Report Pathfinders Play
2009-09-05 Procrastination Norman Play
2009-08-29 Little White Dog and Big Black Puppy Dog Diane Play
2009-08-22 A Broken Bike Debbie Play
2009-08-01 William Wilberforce Roger Play
2009-07-25 Safari Danica and Breanne Play
2009-07-11 Boat Trip Debbie Play
2009-07-04 Fiery Furnace Kristian Play
2009-06-20 Blessings Overflowing Roger Play
2009-06-13 Obedience Alex Play
2009-06-06 Tsunami Diane Play
2009-05-30 Birds and Tools Diane Play
2009-05-16 Appearances Roger Play
2009-05-09 Mothers Kristian Play
2009-05-02 How to Get out of Trouble Diane Play
2009-04-18 The Wisest Man Brittany & Annika Play
2009-04-11 Getting Mad Roger Play
2009-03-28 A True Friend Denise W Play
2009-04-04 Donkeys on Parade Sean & Terah Play
2009-03-21 Fish Story Peter Play
2009-03-07 Time to Be Messy Diane Play
2009-02-28 The Challenge Annika & Brittany Play
2009-02-21 Strength Roger Play
2009-02-14 Value Kristian Play
2009-01-31 The Race Peter Play
2009-01-10 Sailboat Roger Play
2009-01-03 Sandbar Debbie Play
2008-12-27 Forgiveness Lucianna Play
2008-12-27 God's Chisel Lucianna and Chris Play
2008-11-08 Seagull Monument Diane Play
2008-10-25 Cookie Peter Play
2008-09-13 Dolphin story Diane Play
2007-08-18 Bike Helmet Diane Play
2008-08-09 The Dollar Diane Play
2008-07-19 Eric B. Hare series: Miracle in China Kristian Play
2008-06-07 Kilimanjaro Diane Play
2007-11-10 Lost at Sea Robert Play
2007-11-03 Ebenezer Peter Play
2007-09-22 Jesus Jersey Peter Play