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Christ's Object Lessons - chapter 2 - "The Sower Went Forth to Sow"

  1. What was the purpose of Christ's mission on this earth? Did it appear that He had succeeded at the time of His death? ("By the parable of the sower..." 8 paragraphs)
  2. What does God call us to do in our lives? ("This was the desire which Christ..." 7 paragraphs)
  3. How can we receive true education? How can we educate others? ("The Bible has been robbed" 10 paragraphs)
  4. Why is the word of God misunderstood or forgotten? ("TITLE: The Soil--by the Wayside " 6 paragraphs)
  5. What one thing strengthens the growth of the gospel in some but destroys it in others? What is the cure for a superficial religion without depth? ("TITLE: In Stony Places" 12 paragraphs)
  6. How are "thorns" different from "stony" ground? ("TITLE: Among Thorns" 7 paragraphs)
  7. Why do "thorns" have more strength than the gospel? ("The deceitfulness of riches." 9 paragraphs)
  8. What message was Jesus trying to give with this parable? What does He want us to change? Why does the same message appear so different to different people? ("TITLE: Preparation of the Soil" 4 paragraphs)
  9. What does the seed create in good ground that it does not produce in other ground? How may this be discerned in people's lives today? What actions must we take with word of God ? ("TITLE: In Good Ground" 14 paragraphs)

Christ's Object Lessons - chapter 1 - Teaching in Parables

  1. Why did Jesus use parables? ("In Christ's parable teaching..." 2 paragraphs)
  2. Why did Jesus use nature in His parables? ("In His teaching from nature..." 6 paragraphs)
  3. Why is parable teaching effective? ("In the earlier part of His ministry..." 9 paragraphs)
  4. Why did Jesus tie truths about God to worldly activities? ("In these lessons direct from nature..." 4 paragraphs)


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